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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Greek crisis


  1. ..and what do you think will be the consequences if Greece leaves Euro?

    - in regards to payments/obligations (including pensions etc) of the country (if we stop getting loans)..what will happen especially during the first period? (though I agree it's more important what will happen in the end than at first and if we continue with this "puppy dog" attitude towards Merkel and the IMF we will all end up broke and desperate in the end anyway)

    - in regards to "isolation" and the consequences that this may have (though the truth is that never did Greece receive any substantial support from "Europe" whenever that was needed)..-and there is always Russia (?)-

    - also if Greece leaves Euro, I guess Europe will become weak (not that it doesn't appear so already)..but is that towards the interest of "Europeans" ?(of course this question is one that Merkel should consider first of all but seems that she didn't)

    what do you think?

    thank you in advance(and sorry if anything from the above said appears to you too "silly" to answer).. :-)

  2. a) If Greece does what Argentina did (unlinking itself from a big currency, in that case the dollar) and simultaneously accepts Russian help, at lower interest rates, and buys more better and cheaper arms from Russia instead of feathering the nests of big German, French (and now Israeli!) and German arms companies, like clever Cyprus has done, and plans an intelligent exchange rate, then it would be a less bad option than being destroyed. But, owing to Papandreou's unreliability on the Burgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline, the Russians no longer trust the Greek government, so there would be much preparatory work to be done.

    b) The isolation story is simply a childish threat. Greece is still a member of the EU, like clever Britain.

    c) Why should Europe become weak if Greece leaves the Euro? It weakened itself because Greece joined without being ready, on false statistics. The fact that Greece should never have joined means that the longer it stays in, the worse for Greece and Europe.

    Generally, there is a lot of hot air and false scaremongering about the effect on Europe and Greece, if Greece leaves the Euro. These scare tactics are, economically speaking, nonsense: Greece accounts, if I am not mistake, for about 2% of EU GDP.

    It is greedy risk-taking shareholders in various big banks who are the biggest scaremongers. Frankly, I would prefer to attack their pockets, than those of ordinary working Greeks, such as myself, who has seen his take-home pay cut by half in 18 months, just because he works at a state university.The predatory plutu-cleptocratic members of the Greek parliamentary business club simply wish to keep 'earning' their huge and inflated salaries. Just as communism failed, now we are seeing the failure of capitalism. And forget the 'Third Way': that is just extreme crypto-neo-liberal economics. The most sensible chap I have found so far is Dimitris Kazakis.

    I wrote this off the cuff, so sorry if it's a bit rough.

    Who are you, by the way, and what is your e-mail?


    William Mallinson


    Dr. William Mallinson

  3. Hi

    I'm Jina a former student of yours who had registered to your blog a few days ago..

    Thank you very much for your time and answers!