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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Government Gangsters

Interest kills

It is now a hard economic fact that the more odious interest that Greece repays to usurious bankers, the smaller the economy becomes, the more jobs are lost, and the more poverty and suicides there are. This is because Greece was never ready to join the Euro in the first place, and is now paying for membership of a club it cannot afford to participate in, and never could. A little further analysis explains the illogicality, bordering on stupidity, of what is happening: those with transparent salaries are being impoverished not only with drastic salary cuts, but with illegal taxes. Those who succumb to the blackmail and threats are in fact helping the cleptocratic occupation government to maintain a system leading to ever-increasing impoverishment, as the money to buy even food starts to dry up. As for the so-called property tax being linked to electricity bills, this is an example of criminality. Even those who have paid the electricity part of this ‘tax’ are now being threatened with their electricity being cut off. Demanding money with menaces is a crime punishable with prison in, at least, Britain, as Section 21(1) and(2) of the Theft Act of 1968 and Section 17(1) of the Criminal Justice(Public Order) Act of 1994 make abundantly clear. In other words, whoever voted for this measure is a criminal, since there must surely be a Greek law against demanding money with menaces. Moreover, paying this ‘tax’, by reducing purchasing power, actually leads to further poverty.

Most hypocritical of all is the lip-service paid by the criminal party-politicians to reducing the size of the civil service. We have seen how the so-called measures have created hardly a dent in the party-political armour of the unions, which continue to protect those given jobs illegally by the politicians in return for support in various elections. In other words, the corrupt and discredited political parties are still seeking to ensure that they keep their support, by granting favours. And the longer those MP’s remain in parliament, the worse it becomes. This explains why the cleptocracy keeps delaying the election date.

It is obviously in the cleptocracy’s and the bankers’ interests to create a climate of paranoia about leaving the Euro, since they would be the main ones to lose out. But it was a crime to join the Euro in the first place. The longer Greece remains in it, the bigger the crime becomes. Greece must leave, return to the drachma, and create its own independent economic relations with countries such as Russia and China, as well as with individual European countries, thereby establishing vérité des prix, to use a Gaullist term. Otherwise, the junta will introduce yet harsher measures.

Dr. William Mallinson,

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  1. Yes, there will be a law against the extortion you describe. However, since parliament and the law structure appears to largely be run by criminals either directly or otherwise (bribes, threats), then any hope of such a law being enforced is minimal at best.