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Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Greek university probably had one of the very best teachers of interpreting in Greece, a man who had the professional guts (because he was a professional as well as an academic) to let students know whether or not they were equipped with the right mentality to pursue a career in interpreting. When he was offered 130 Euros a month to renew his contract, he quite understandably turned it down. When he reapplied (a less bad salary was being offered), he was rejected in favour of a non-professional with virtually no experience. WHY? A publisher is likely to ask me to research the tawdry background - and backstage - to this tale. When the unassailable facts come out (they already exist), the article is likely to attract an international audience. Remember Plato. He was an honest Greek…..not a dishonest, lying, cheating, vindictive, cowardly pseudo-secret society man. Long live transparency, the enemy of filth! Transparency will improve and clean up the system, which we need. I do not like being lied to. You are welcome to join the page below, if you wish to clean away the dirt, and improve your own prospects.

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