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Friday, February 5, 2016

On 25 February, my brother sent a recorded and express letter to me in Athens. By yesterday, 5 February, ten days after he sent it, it had still not arrived. Today he went to ask at the Parisian Post Office, who traced his letter: at 06.47 0n the 26th, it arrived in Greece. Today, I received a notification to pick up a recorded delivery. I assume that it will be my brother's letter. At any rate, it looks as if the Greek Post Office has already been privatised without our knowledge. If not, then what can I say? If the Post Office becomes a useless joke, then the only seriously functioning entities left in Greece will be the Church and the Navy…..and my spearfishing. SHAME ON YOU, TSIPRAS, YOU AMBITIOUS LITTLE ARMCHAIR PSEUDO-SOCIALIST! IF GREECE DOES NOT PUT ITS OWN CABALISTIC AND CLIENTELISTIC PARTY-POLITICAL MESS IN ORDER, THEN YOU HAVE SELFISHLY DESTROYED MUCH.

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