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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Barbaric Pseudo-state.

Not long ago, the Saudi Arabian authorities beheaded a woman for witchcraft, after the 'religious police', in other words the equivalent of the medieval inquisitors in Europe, found some 'forbidden' books in her house. Gadafi's regime would never have allowed such barbaric, primitive behaviour, however nasty their police were to various males. I know of no country or religion that would behead someone, let alone a woman, for witchcraft today. To be a woman in Saudi Arabia, one of the world's most undemocratic states, is to be worse than a slave. It is not a country, but rather a tawdry little plutocracy of greedy semi-educated pseudo 'royals' with big yachts, small cojones, and an inferiority complex, supported by oil-lovers, bankers, banksters and money-grubbers. Clearly not a place for a gentleman.

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