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Thursday, April 4, 2013

"I’m sorry to tell you that although this disgusting story about backstage diplomacy, double-dealing, danger and death is presented as fiction, it is really faction: what you are about to read has happened, is happening, and will happen. The US and its close allies Britain and Israel are desperate to invade Iran, and need Turkish compliance. Just as not everyone approved of Germany’s invasion of Poland, which led to the most devastating world war ever, so not everyone would approve of an attack on Iran ..."

An action-laden political thriller about a conspiracy between two NATO powers, who formulate the methods of ensuring Turkish support for an attack on Iran.
Britain has been chosen as the main protagonist, since its bases on Cyprus underpin their American-sponsored supremacy in the Mediterranean.

The game revolves around possession of the island of Rhodes - with Greece as collateral damage. Will they succeed in their plan?

They might, but for for two honest diplomats, an Englishman and a Greek, who bring the Russians into the game ...

Written by William Mallinson, a former member of the British Diplomatic Service, diplomatic historian and academic at the Ionian University. Dr.Mallinson is known for his books on British and American policy in the Mediterranean, and in particular in the island of Cyprus.

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